SEO and Social Shares Impact On Search Engine Rankings

SEO and Social Shares Impact On Search Engine Rankings

What impact do social shares have on search engine rankings?

Very often we see people bashing social media shares to increase SEO activity. This, though not entirely true, still have some roots in the digital world. But in reality, social media shares do have a latent, but strong connection with the SEO rankings. This is somewhat a complicated concept to grasp but very handy and useful once you understand it. It can actually make your rankings on top if you use it correctly.

Let’s have a look at what social media SEO is and how it works;

Social media SEO – An Overview:

Social media SEO works by sharing content on different social media platforms to increase the traffic on the website through search engines. It is a great way to make the SEO activities gain an online presence and earn profit. Both SEO and Social Media are different phenomena, but together they help each other to boost online rankings.

Can Social Media Increase SEO Rankings?

There is no direct link between SEO and Social Media. Rather, it has an indirect which develops when activities are shared on social media (including likes, comments, and shares on the post). Both Google and Bing play high ranking factor role in social media. If you are using Bing, then you definitely need to game up your social media presence because Bing is a direct ranking factor through likes and shares, unlike Google. But sharing your content on Facebook, Emails, and Twitter, etc. makes Google a ranking factor for SEO as well (Facebook being the most effective platform).

It works by the simple rule, if many people are sharing your website content on social media, more and more will eventually link to it. And links are the boosting aid for SEO ranking factor.

How does it work?

It works through the following simple steps:

  • Post the content related to your brand/website on social media
  • People share your content and make links
  • Followers are increases on your profile and traffic is generated
  • The brand builds a community around it
  • Consistent sharing and interactions increase brand visibility
  • Brand/website name reaches higher index in search engine
  • It is now easier for users to find the site through search engines as your brand page has earned a place in the top five search options.

Tips to optimize your social media for effective SEO:

If you want to kick start your SEO rankings, you must follow some tips and tricks to use on social media for more online visibility;

  1. Social Media Profile Enhancement: Make your social media accounts optimal for the best user response. Upload images and posts that are authentic and catchy. Too wordy content can divert the user’s attention. Make sure your content is brief, appealing, and accurate. You can add links to your websites so that the users can fully get to know about your services. Make your bio attractive and relevant.
  2. Be consistent: You must be consistent with the post sharing on your profile. People are attracted to profiles that are up-to-date because it makes the profile looks more genuine.
  3. Caption wisely: In order to spread your social media posts/campaigns quickly, you should use catchy headlines, irresistibly appealing images and mindfully asking for sharing. Use hashtags and add links.
  4. Update your website content for social media sharing: You should also optimize your website content using relevant keywords, captions, headlines, and images. Also, add sharing buttons to your website page.
  5. Add social media links on your website: You can social media links to your website to make it user-friendly and also to increase your social media sharing.
  6. Engage on your profile and amplify the gains: In order to keep the gains coming, you must engage with the users. Always respond to the comments, shares, and likes your profile gets. It will help the algorithms to recognize that your profile is active. Affiliate with the influencers and notice the local marketing strategies.

Social shares are an effective way to boost SEO rankings. Using social media tips and tricks you can increase your website’s overall engagement. It might seem like a slow process to work, but in the long run, it is very beneficial for your business.