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We design intellectual strategies to help streamline procedures for your business. With professional online business solutions, we help our clients to progress through innovation and inspiration. Our highly skilled team has worked globally for numerous world’s biggest corporate sectors. We make sure to smooth out your business measures and foster new income streams both for new companies and established organizations We know the right tools and strategy to make your project a success. With a flawless history, we are profoundly recognized in the field of Information Technology executing our best practices across several digital platforms. Your success is our success!

Our Digital Marketing and its advanced strategies will ensure you in delivering comprehensive services which will create real business value for you. As a successfully emerging IT Solutions Company, we are not bound to only limited outsourcing for software dealers and custom application development but we are offering full-time software support, solutions with quality software testing for existing software, SEO & Digital Marketing. Our unique tools and strategies enable us to increase the quality of service since customer satisfaction is our top priority. We work by your side so you can have a business strategy that stands out. It’s time to transform your database of information and efficiently compete among other leading businesses!

Our Project Strategy



We work to understand your corporate objectives, assemble and evaluate ideas to match the specific resources required for the project.



Explore and refine customer ideas to carry out an in-depth evaluation of the organizational culture and defined goals.

03. PLAN


The most important part of the whole process. Define corporate and technology outcomes and KPIs.



It’s time to have an in-depth analysis of competitors, elaborate on the features of the product and gain customers’ insights.



We create a research-driven design to visualize our findings and if design is not refine than more research is done until the design gets more refined.



This is certainly the longest part of product development lifecycle where the designed plan is applied in real-time.

SEO Services

Customizable Plan for You


Intelligently analysing the way people would search for a particular product or service, keywords are chosen.


SEO uses several different techniques while optimization of the website so that the SEO ranking is always high.


SEO emphasizes the creative use of content as a strategy for the customers. Good creative content is the key to higher ranking.


The traffic to your site, your landing page performance, A/B testing and other analysis will be carried out.

Choose the best plan for you

Revamp Solution services include following packages which includes SEO, Digital Marketing & Web development. All prices are in dollar, email for further information.


Starting from:
$750 p/m
  • On-Page SEO
  • Keyword generation
  • Blog posting
  • Social media posting
  • No yearly fees


Contact for custom package:
  • Basic SEO services
  • Basic Social Media
  • Technical support
  • No yearly fees

The road we travelled so far…

We have demonstrated time and again sophisticated techniques that works!


Creative SEO Techniques

We at Revamp uses the most advanced and effective ways of SEO techniques to get the best outcome of businesses for our valued clients and help them in their businesses

Social Share

Social awareness plays an important part in our strategy to build awareness of your business. Since the importance of social media has emerged recently in helping businesses achieve their goals. Revamp uses advanced tactics in social media to bring growth to your business.

Increase Visitors

Revamp has a vast number of techniques to ensure the best outcome for your business. These techniques help us to bring maximum traffic to your social platforms or your site. More the visitor you get on your any platform, the more chance of best outcome for your business.

Strategy Development

We at Revamp use the best strategy for your business as best suitable for it. Every business is different in its niche and every niche has a different strategy. We have many skilled strategists who study your business and define a strategy to bring the best outcome for it.

The need for Search Engine Optimization techniques

Where is your site?

Well, you have designed your site cleverly displaying your products & services. If no one visits your site to make an online purchase, you have a SEO problem!

Blogging Strategy

Once your site is designed and hosted, if you think your job is over, you are wrong! Keep writing blogs to inform your prospective customers about your services.

Bringing Visitors

Content is the king that is going to ensure your visitors stay a little longer in your site. Original content is the need of the hour.

What is SEO?

It is an art of optimizing your site for search engines to find your site and index your content so that when someone searches for a product that you sell, your site will be displayed for him to check out.

Site Maps

Apart from blogs which will have new content about your services, you can add new pages to you site and maintain a sitemap which will inform about new content to the crawlers.

Ranking of your site

When you have addressed all these aspects like content, blog, sitemap, keywords and seo techniques, your site will come on top of the page when someone searches.

Our Process

We use advanced Project Management processes to ensure the success of a project. The key processes are mentioned in order to guide our potential client to understand their project phases.

Phase management
Team management
Here, you ensure that you adequately satisfy the conditions for completing each phase, and for starting the next one. To do this, make sure that you fully understand the "gates", or deliverables that must be completed and approved by the appropriate stakeholders before you can exit a phase.
Carry out high-level planning for the whole project at the start of the project, then do more detailed planning for each phase at the start of each phase. Ensure that you have the right people, resources, methodologies, and supporting tools in place for each planning phase, so that you can deliver the project on time, on budget, and to appropriate quality standards.
It's essential to control scope , cost , and issues ; and to manage time, risks , and benefits effectively. Create reports that contain the information you need to create an accurate picture of how things are proceeding. A common way of doing this is to use a Project Dashboard .
As project manager, you are responsible for managing the project team. Working on a project is often different from most "business as usual" activities, and project work may require a different approach and set of skills. As such, you'll probably need specific project management training and support
Make sure that you're clear about who is responsible for communicating to team members, the project board, the different stakeholders within the business, and relevant third parties. Inadequate communication is a frequent problem area for projects, and it needs considerable attention to communicate well.
This is a specialist area. Many projects hire third parties to manage purchasing, particularly when it involves IT systems. Managing these third parties is often the role of the project manager. See our articles on Request for Proposal Documents and Procurement Management for more on this.
Many projects do not stand on their own within an organization – they often impact other areas of the business. Make sure that you consider how your project will interface with other projects or functions.
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